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— Wednesday, March 16, 2005 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 3:09:25 PM ET

Today's News

Ok, fine, and some of yesterday's as well.
  • CNC DEN has a plethora of new maps, including a few for TS: Firestorm.
  • Blitzkrieg 2 has a render of the b29 up.
  • CNC Holland has released Beta 1.7, with numerous bug fixes and new units.
  • Vietnam Reborn has a couple new renders, including one of the NVA Mig-17.
  • Derelict Studios has annouced (yet another) new RA1 total conversion in the works, Iron Curtain.
  • Deezire has released v2.4 of his famous Pro:Gen mod. It is designed for 1.03 for ZH.
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