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— Monday, March 7, 2005 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 4:33:53 PM ET

The Plot Thickens: Skaggs to leave EA; RA3 in limbo

Interesting news for today. Gamespy is reporting that Mark Skaggs, vice president and executive producer in charge of all RTS products and strategy at EA, "has left the company for an undisclosed amount of time to spend more time with his family." This follows the news of Dustin Browder leaving EA, as Generals World reported recently. Those two men were key components behind RA2, Yuri's Revenge, Generals, and Zero Hour.
The story goes on to say:
Skaggs...recently announced that his team was working on a new game in the Red Alert universe. However, the status of that project is up in the air, with rumors from a few inside sources saying that the game has actually been shelved.
If RA3 has indeed been canceled, or at least shelved, it is possible the CNC community would not see a game in all of 2005. One can only wonder how long the renewed interest in Zero Hour can last....Regardless, I think most would agree that EA should inform us as to their future plans, and aside from the plethora of "CNC 3" pictures over the summer (and EA's subsequent denial that that game was being worked on), Mr. Skaggs' e-mail to CNC fans and fansites in December annoucing RA3, and the recent patch for 1.03, EA has been strangely quiet on the CNC front. Does that mean the series has been dropped in favor of another game, or due to a lack of designers and producers? As always, "time vill tell."
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