C&C Labs News Wire

— Monday, February 28, 2005 —

Posted By: Mike at 2:24:04 PM ET

Zero Hour 1.03 Patch Available!

After months upon months with seemingly no hope for a new Zero Hour patch, EA has released patch v1.03 today!

Patch 1.03 for Zero Hour can be downloaded from EA's public FTP here.

Electronic Arts reportedly relied heavily on the German ACETON Balance Mod for this patch, which includes numerous improvements and bug fixes. Most noteworthy is the fix of the unfinished building exploit, commonly referred to as the "SCUD Bug". A number of balance issues were also addressed. Patch 1.03 changes the prices of a few units, and the Generals World Generals Profiles pages have been updated accordingly.

For full details on what the patch affects, view the updated launcher.txt file in your Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour folder after installing the patch.