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This is an expansion of my Ninja map Assassin's Shadows. A Place In The Heavens features a new and extended array of units to use including the Tankbusters, Engineers and the IFV Gunner. The aim of the map will be the same however, it contains extra bonus features, including Control Points and automated defenses.

The game begins with a vote to see the intro. If more than 2 people press "Execute" then the intro will start. If you wait 30 seconds, then you are taken to the clan choice area.

The Clan choice area is used to select the Clan for your units. This affects the outcome of your units as each Clan has unique benefits and fall backs.

To pick a Clan, just select the unit that represents your clan choice. Traditional units are governed by the Shinobi and Technological units are governed by the Imperial Solider. Selecting a unit will give you a pop up box explaining to click the execute button to select the Clan in question. If you aren't sure which team you want, you can always select Yuriko who governs the random Clan option.

Each Clan also have their highlights to help with your selection. Also note that both Clans use the dog unit.

Here are the highlights:

"Traditional" Clan :
Tsunami Tank
Chrono Swap

"Tech" Clan
Allied Spy
IFV Gunner

The main goal of the battle is to own all of the Outposts on the map. Each allied outpost is located either North, South, East or West and the Japanese Radars are found in the center of the map. Only a single player can own all of them to win. Should something be preventing you from claiming your Outposts then infiltrate your enemy's "Nano Tech structure" to kill them. You can ether infiltrate it twice or capture it with an engineer to kill them with one shot.

Again, I recommend you play this in a FFA/No teams state and with other human commanders.

You can also now call for "Higher tech" honours which are bestowed upon you if you hold and control 2 radar tech structures for 2.5 minutes, these include some of the strongest and tactically diverse units your production factories are capable of.
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Max Players: 4
Author: TiberianFiend   

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This next map has been an idea I have toyed around with for a while. Its a 4 player map that requires a higher level of tactics to play. It has Ninjas ZOMG!

The players on the map can have a choice of being in teams = 2v2, or have a "Free For All" match, any which way will require advanced Tactical thinking.

Each player will start off in a corner of the map. They will have a Japanese Barracks which they can use to build either General Infantry and/or Ninjas/Shinobis to conquer your enemy.

The rules are that:
- Your funds can only reach a maximum of 5000 credits with a slow increase of credits over time.

- Your barracks and theirs are subject to the maximum number of 3 infiltrations before you die. Your objective is to last to the end of the match by infiltrating your enemy’s barracks before they can do the same to you. (3 times)

- If your barracks is infiltrated it will be reinforced with 5 Elite Shinobi Guards. Not only will your barracks be protected by them, but also a Nano-Shield will protect your barracks for a large amount of time during it's powered down state. (But don't think the power down period will offer protection completely with the shield alone)

- Any enemy units that are inside the shield during activation period will be instantly killed, friendly units will be fine.

In addition to extra credits, you will be provided with three top level support powers as follows:
- Desolater Air strike level 3
- Emperor's Rage level 3
- Chrono-Swap

This map has lots of cover, trick your enemy by sneaking past his/her army to take the barracks down.

It is highly recommended that this map be played with other human Commanders.
Enjoy and have fun!!!
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Max Players: 4
Author: TiberianFiend   

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