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This map is a mod map for Soviets.
Briefing :

Commander we were closely monitoring an Allied base in the north of Alaska. The base was small and not treated as a treat. Now it is. After five days of watching it, it suddenly blanked out! None of it was on the radar. But still we see tanks moving around the radar then disappearing again. Out of sight. We think the Allies have made a new stealthing technology building. We are not sure. That is why we are sending you in commander.

Objective 1: Find the allied base
Objective 2: Destroy all Stealth Generators
Objective 3: Destroy all Allied forces in the area

Copy all of the contents of this file into you ra2 folder. Make sure you don’t copy over any other files in you ra2 dir.
Theater: Snow
File Size: 296.6 KB        File Type: .zip
Author: Des08tor   

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