C&C Generals: Zero Hour: Factions: USA

Welcome to the United States of America page for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour, the expansion to Electronic Arts' 3D real time strategy game C&C Generals! This page lists and describes the new units, structures, upgrades, and General's powers for the USA. General information for the USA in Zero Hour is listed here. If you are looking for information about the USA in CnC Generals without the expansion pack, you may visit the C&C Generals: Factions: USA page.

» New Units:
Sentry Drone

American forces now have access to Sentry Drones. These are great for early scouting, and can be upgraded to have machine guns. Sentry Drones detect stealth units, and are stealth themselves when not moving.
  Cost: $800
Strengths: Infantry
Weaknesses: Tanks
Sentry Drone Gun
Purchase At: War Factory
Cost: $1000
This upgrade gives all Sentry Drones a machine gun. When using the gun, the sentry drone must first position itself before it is able to shoot. After shooting, it must "undeploy," which takes a couple of seconds, before it is able to move again.


The Avenger is a jeep-like light support vehicle that tags targets to allow missiles to lock onto them faster. It also has two defensive lasers: one that shoots down any rockets or missiles that are fired near it, and another to fire at and damage enemy aircraft.
  Cost: $2000
Strengths: Aircraft and missiles
Weaknesses: Vehicles and infantry
Upgrades: None

Microwave Tank

This new USA unit is both unique and somewhat futuristic. The Microwave Tank's main function is to power down enemy structures and defenses with a beam. It also has a microwave effect surrounding it that 'cooks' infantry within its vicinity. The Microwave Tank can also clear garrisoned civilian structures.
  Cost: $800
Strengths: Base defenses, infantry
Weaknesses: Tanks, aircraft, and light vehicles
Upgrades: None

» New Structures:
Fire Base
The USA Firebase is a powerful defensive structure. It includes a howitzer to destroy advancing enemy forces. The structure also has space for four infantry to fire from. The infantry are not protected from enemy fire, and can in fact be killed without the Fire Base being destroyed.
  Cost: $1000
Upgrades: None

» New Upgrades:
Hellfire Drone
Cost: $500
Purchase At: Individual vehicles
The Hellfire Drone is an upgrade unit for any American vehicle, similar to the Battle Drone and the Spy Drone. The upgrade can be purchased at all individual vehicles, except for the Sentry Drone, since it is already a drone itself. The Hellfire Drone fires hellfire missiles at enemy ground units.

Cost: $1000
Purchase At: Airfield
This upgrade makes all planes capable of evading 50% of the missiles fired at them. Bullets also do less damage. All planes will drop flares behind them when under attack to distract and mislead missiles fired at them.

Bunker Busters
Cost: $1500
Purchase At: Airfield
This upgrade allows Stealth Fighters to clear units out of many structures. It allows Stealth fighters to clear units out of garrisoned structures, the GLA Palace, and bunkers. When used on Tunnel Networks, it kills all infantry inside and forces vehicles out of the tunnels. This upgrade does not allow Stealth fighters to clear hackers out of the Chinese Internet Center.

Supply Lines
Cost: $800
Purchase At: Strategy Center
This upgrade causes all resource gathering mechanisms to bring in 10% more money.

Chemical Suits
Cost: $1000
Purchase At: Strategy Center
The Chemical Suits upgrade gives all infantry units resistance to most toxins and radiation. A blue atomic-shaped icon will be shown at their feet when they have this upgrade.

Mother of all Bombs (MOAB)
Cost: $4000
Requires: Fuel Air Bomb General's Power
Purchase At: Strategy Center
This upgrades the Fuel Air Bomb to the Massive Ordnance Air Burst, or "Mother of All Bombs." The MOAB does more damage in a greater area than the Fuel Air Bomb.

» New General's Powers:
Leaflet Drop
Rank Required: 5 Star General
Countdown Timer: 5:00
Leaflets disable enemy troop concentrations while they consider their options due to decreased morale and will to fight. It disables enemy ground units for a period amount of time.

Spectre Gunship

Rank Required: 5 Star General
Countdown Timer: 4:00
The Spectre Gunship is called in from off-screen to encircle an area of the battle field and pummel enemy forces with howitzer and gattling fire. The gunship will circle the chosen location and will only attack the targeted area for ten seconds. For some Generals, such as Generals Granger and General Alexander, the ability can be obtained earlier--generally at the 3 Star level--and comes in three levels, with ten, fifteen, and thirty second durations, respectively.