C&C Generals: Zero Hour: Factions: Civilians

Welcome to the Civilian page for Zero Hour, the expansion to CnC Generals! This page lists and describes the new capturable Civilian tech buildings available in Zero Hour. If you are looking for information about Civilian structures in CnC Generals without the expansion pack, you may visit the C&C Generals: Civilians page.

Civilian structures can be captured by the faction that you are playing as in order to aid you in your struggle against the enemy. New Civilian tech structures in Zero Hour are listed below.

Tech Repair Bay
Once captured, the Tech Repair Bay will make all of the owner's ground vehicles auto-repair themselves when damaged and not under attack.
Artillery Platform
The Artillery Platform will automatically fire shells at enemy ground units or buildings once captured. It can be ordered to attack a specific unit. It has a long firing range, and therefore units that are very close to it are out of its range.
Repair Pad
When captured, the Repair Pad can repair the owner's vehicles if they are sent into the pad area.
Reinforcement Pad
Once captured, the owner of this tech structure will receive one additional vehicle that is para-dropped onto the Reinforcement Pad. The vehicle is different depending on what faction the owner is. USA: Crusader Tank Super Weapon General: Tomahawk
Air Force General: Humvee
Laser General: Laser Crusader Tank

China: Battle Master Tank General: Battle Master
Nuclear General: Battle Master
Infantry General: Assault Troop Crawler

GLA: Scorpion Tank Toxin General: Toxin Tractor
Demolition General: 2 Combat Bikes (with Terrorists)
Stealth General: Quad Cannon