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#1 Posted : Friday, December 17, 2010 11:54:24 PM(UTC)
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Hi all, I understand the mod has been out of quite a while, so there might not be as much attention on it. But this is just something I wrote out of interest, so feel free to read it and leave comments.

And here it goes:

C&C: All Star – A Prelude
By Shekdog

All is not well in the Tiberium universe after the Second Tiberium War. The enigmatic alien substance known as Tiberium continued to pollute earth’s atmosphere and its environment without tiring. Although GDI scientists was successful at extracting a certain amount of data from the Tacitus, the sheer size of the data matrix proved to be too large for them to find the right information they needed before earth become totally uninhabitable due to Tiberium contamination. Nod, on the other hand, was facing different problems. The Brotherhood, despite Anton Slavik’s best effort, inevitably dissolved and splitted into warring splinter cells following the loss of its combat AI CABAL and the disappearance of its prophet Kane. To make matters even worse, a group of radical mutants, lead by a rogue scientist named Theodore Eddison , rose an uprising under the name The Forgotten, instigating many other mutants in GDI or Nod controlled terrorities to riot against them. However, an event unexpectant to all sides took it to a bizzarre turn: A group of mutant rebels, by odd chance, discovered the Time Machine built by Albert Einstein many decades ago buried deep beneath a city in New Mexico, U.S. during their invasion.Unsure of its usage or origin, the scientise Eddison was informed and arrived to investigate. However, he unintentionally activated the machine during the process, casusing it to generate a wormhole that swallowed the entire Tiberium universe, sending it to a different dimension.

Meanwhile, in the parallel universe of Red Alert, trouble began to stir. After having been imprisoned by the Allies in his secret prison cell on the Midway Atoll for many years, Yuri finally managed the break out and overtook the island with the outside help from a group of his remaining royal initiates. The Allies were unawared of this incident, which allowed Yuri time to gather up forces to build an army large enough [1] in order to launch a direct attack at San Francisco, where Enistein was developing the latest prototype of the Time Machine [2]. Completely caught off-guard, the Allies didn’t have time to co-ordinate forces to counter Yuri’s amry. Despite the arrival of unwilling Soviet reinforcements [3], the city inevitably fell into Yuri’s hands, allowing him to land his grasp on the Time Machine. Fortunately, Einstein was able to corrupt the its system in the last minute, therefore when Yuri’s engineers managed to bring it online, the Time Machine malfunctioned, causing not merely time, but the entire parallel universe to travel into another dimension.

In the Generals universe, the second war against the GLA was about to unfold, as the terrorist group readied its second Soyuz rocket fitted with biological warhead at the GLA occupied Baikonur Cosmodrome launch facility. But before they could fire the rocket, the unexpectant arrival of the Red Alert and Tiberian factions interrupted them. Caught within each other during the time-space distortion and merged with the Generals universe caused by an unknown force, the end result was a distorted and chaotic new universe : Landmarks from different era or worlds appeared alongside each other in various locations all over the world, some were destroyed years ago, others were plainly never-before-seen to the citizens of this world, while. More disturbingly, Tiberium minerals of different type has appeared overnight in several parts of the world, notably the Australian and African continent. With all these and the mysterious newcomers that appeared to have came out of nowhere, the world was sent into confusion and chaos, the two superpowers, China and U.S., plus the GLA clashed with the equally clueless newcomers in an epic mayhem of war.

1: Yuri has been mind-controlling natives on the nearby islands and sea-creatures alike to make new "recruits" for his army.

2: The original Time Machine was damaged due to the timeline merge in the last conflict, forcing Einstein to develope a new one to counter this problem

3: The Soviet Union is under temporary leadership of the player character from RA2, serving as the Allies' puppet state.

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#2 Posted : Thursday, February 3, 2011 5:17:38 PM(UTC)
Mr. Green
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That is a pretty cool idea! But instead of making a campaign for All Stars, why don't you make a mod of C&C3, that way we get the campaign, All Stars, better strategy, better gameplay, and lastly, graphics. It's just an idea.
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