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Offline Zatsupachi  
#201 Posted : Thursday, November 1, 2018 1:07:02 PM(UTC)
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Faction: MegaCorp



>*Elemental - 800 - Soldier armed with variable weapons system.
Weapon Modes:
Railgun - No Element, Pure Damage, Default
EM Cannon - Electric, Lob an anti-armor shell, can cause an EMP effect ala Firestorm rules.
NJ Cannon - Fire, same as above but with Napalm Shells.
NR Cannon - Light, same as above but with Nukes.
AC Cannon - Poison, same as above but with Anthrax.

>*Streamer - 800 - Soldier armed with a focused line-based weapon.
Weapon Modes:
Cyrowave - Ice, causes Leaflet drop effect. Default.
Pyrowave - Fire, Flamethrower.
Biowave - Poison, Anthrax sprayer.
Radwave - Light, Nuke sprayer.

>Beast Hunter - 1000 - Soldier armed with ridiculously heavy weapons.
Weapon Modes:
Mithril Blade - Pure ANTI-ARMOR, ANTI-AIR Laser.
Prismatic Missile - Use Rocket Launcher. Rocket Trail color indicates element.
Rockets have random contents on them ranging from:
Ordinary High Explosive(White), Napalm(Orange), EMP(Cyan), Nuke(Yellow), Anthrax(Purple)

>Mach Sniper - 2000 - Soldier armed with hi-tech sniper rifle.
Weapon Modes:
Cascading Bullet - Anti-Infantry. Bullet scatters shrapnel during flight, damaging or killing infantry in the bullet's path.
Maiming Bullet - Anti-armor. Bullet scatters shrapnel during flight, UNMANNING vehicles.

>Extreme Commando - 3000 - Hero Unit. Build Limit 1.
Weapons: Rapid-fire Railgun, Anti-pilot Laser, Megaton Gauntlet(Melee)
Hack - Captures Building.
Orbital Strike Beacon - Target for Ion Cannon Strike.

>Holy Mantis Warrior - 1000 - MBT
-Triple Overlord Guns, Heavy Armor
-Four Scorpion Rockets
-Upgrade-able with America Drones

>Gatling APC - 800 - Anti-Air Armored Personnel Carrier
-Infantry can fire from the vehicle.
-It's a gatling tank apc, I don't need to explain too much.
-Damage-type shifted from GATTLING to SMALL_ARMS

>*Warder - 1000 - Cockblocker
Weapon Modes:
Frigid Damsel - Causes Leaflet-Drop Effect on infantry and vehicles.
Sap Power - Shutdown buildings.
Fire Lance - Anti-infantry, can clear out garrisons. (Chinese bunkers are still immune tho)
Fire Storm - Cause are firestorm to spawn. Long reload.
Reflect Sorcery - ECM Missile Jammer Effect
Guard Reinforce - Point Defense Lasers if in case ECMs betray it.
Sap Guard - Microwave Effect
Truesight - Detector

>Laser Avenger Tank - 1000 - Dedicated Anti-air
-Modified, it's on a tank chassis now. So it uses TankArmor at least.
-Still has its fix-ins from vanilla
-Probably a better damaging laser.
-Can switch out for Extreme-Explosive Missiles to take out Auroras with that pesky "SneakyOffsetWhenAttacking" variable.

>TMAVE - 1600 - "The Most Annoying Vehicle Ever"
-Main Weapon: Triple-barrel Artillery Cannon. Has trails indicating what "element" it has, see-above "Prismatic Missile"
-Sub-weapon: Rocket-buggy rockets. But with Prismatic Missile properties.

>*Grandmother of all Weapons - 2000 - Heavy-HEAVY artillery, Four Barrels of DEATH
Weapon Modes:
-Frost Blast - Ice, Freezes Infantry and Vehicles via Leafletdrop effect
-Neutron Blast - Electric, EMP Effect, unmans vehicles.
-Nuclear Blast - It's a huge nuke cannon
-Anthrax Blast - It's a scud launcher but better, clears garrisons.
-Napalm Blast - Burn everything to the ground.
-Blast - If you want just big-boom, big-boom you get. Default mode.
-Surprise Me - Randomized Shells Plus a bonus one(a normal shell with Point-Defense Lasers that target anything it comes into range).

>Battle King - 4000 - Even-heavier big combat vehicle.
-Eight Upgraded Overlord Cannons with Prismatic properties
-30-pod missile rack for them pesky infantry and air units, also with prismatic properties
-100-pod rocket barrage if you want a particular spot to just be a smoking crater.
-A Bunker for 16.
-Healing+Repair Aura
-Grenade Launchers for days, grenades can clear garrisons
-Immune to EMP
-Un-target-able by command-based KILL_PILOT attacks.
-Eight "Point-Defense Machineguns" that prioritize air units and infantry.

>Prismatic Jet - 1500 - Jet with random payload

>Firehawk - 1800 - as with the GDI unit from CnC3

>*Glory Device - 3000 - Supersonic Jet can be armed with one of these few devastating bombs(may or may not survive its own payload):
Normal Bomb: Default, Fuel-Air Aurora Weapon-- but once you switch out you can't get this back or any of the other options.
Nuclear Bomb: It releases a Full-scale nuke(by this game's standard).
Anthrax Bomb: As with the GLA Special Power but slightly more potent.
MOAB: Slightly more powerful than the Nuclear Bomb without the radiation.
Hellstorm Bomb: Causes a large firestorm.
Lockdown Bomb: As with the Chinese EMPulse special power.

>Super Helicopter Hidaku - 2000 - Helicopter armed with very... creative weapons.
Autocannon: Anti-ground weapon.
AAM: Air-to-Air Missile. One or two-shots most standard aircraft.

Marker Ability: Can mark areas for special power attacks.
-Artillery: Mark an area for Lv3 Artillery Barrage
-Spectre: Mark an area for Lv3 Spectre Gunship
-Paradrop: Mark an area for Lv2 Megacorp Paradrop
-Dozer: Mark an area to drop off Megacorp Dozers.
-Thunderbolt: Mark an area for Lv3 A10 Thunderbolt

>Big Flying Brick - 2000 - Large Heavy Transport Helicopter
-Armed with Twin Overlord Cannons and gatling gun
-Infantry can shoot out of it.
-Can load up 24 passengers(8 vehicles).

>Ophiuchus - 12000 - Game Ender, probably. Build Limit of 1.
-Medium-sized flying mech.
-All weapons have prismatic property
-Armed with autocannon for antiground
-Armed with missiles for anti-infantry and anti-air
--specialized missiles untargetable by point-defense lasers
-Rainbow Beam: assault area with colored beams of DEATH.
-point-defense lasers with different damage types on them.
-ECM Effect
-Microwave Effect
-All-weapons have garrison killing effect.
-Has drones that constantly surround it(max 5).
--Drones have randomized weapons and abilites.

>Dozer - 1000 - just an ordinary dozer really.

>Heavy Combat Supply Truck - 1400 - Armored Supply Truck with a self-defense gun. Gathers 1000 supply in a cycle.

>Command Center - 2000 - nothing special besides it being a command center.
-Gatling Gun Defense +1000, +3 power - adds a gatling turret on the command center.

>Power Plant - 1000 - nuke general's power plant but with supw general's rods upgrade. Really good yah?

>Barracks - 500 - a barracks
-Gatling Gun Defense +1000, +3 power
-Access to: Elemental, Streamer, Beast Hunter

>Supply Center - 2000 - a supply center
-Gatling Gun Defense +1000, +3 power
-Fortify Walls +500, +1000 health

>War Factory - 2000 - a warfactory.
-Gatling Gun Defense +1000, +3 power
-Access to: Holy Mantis Warrior, Gatling APC, Laser Avenger Tank

>Airfield - 1000 - an airfield
-AA Battery +1000, +3 power
-Access to: Prismatic Jet

>Strategy Fortress - 3000 - a strategy center, with all of it's modes in one(i guess).
-AA Battery +1000, +3 power
-Access to: Mach Sniper, Extreme Commando, Warder, TMAVE, Firehawk, Glory Device, Prismatic Jet, Big Flying Brick, Prismatic Storm

>Prismatic Storm - 10000 - scud storm, but FABULOUS.

>Oil Derrick - 3000 - hey let's cheat and just make the Oil Derrick, right?
-Garrisonable by 4 infantry.

>Prismatic Heavy Gauss Cannon - 1500 - Basic Base Defense.
-Shoots anti-anything shells.
-Garrisonable by 10 infantry.

>Prismatic Heavy Gauss Cannon Nest - 3600 - same thing as above, but there's 3 of them in large place and regenerating like Stinger Site soldiers.
-Garrisonable by 30 infantry.

>Mech Pad - 2000 - used to summon Ophiuchus.


Rank 1:
Rank 3:
-Prismatic Artillery Barrage Lv1~3
-Megacorp Paradrop Lv1~3
-Prismatic Carpet Bomb Lv1~3
-Grandmother of All Weapons
Rank 5:
-Battle King
-Super Helicopter Hidaku
-Spammable Nuke - Nuclear Missile Attack every 2 minutes or so
Rank 8:
-Mech Pad
-Rainbow Blast - a parade of 21 bombers unleashing all 7 colors of the rainbow.
"It's precision_bomber."

Death Label HAS BEEN RELEASED(go get v0.99):

Next Episode:
precision_bomber's Zero Hour SCIENCE!
Offline DoucheExMachina  
#202 Posted : Wednesday, February 13, 2019 6:19:25 PM(UTC)
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Marine Raider General
Faction: USA

No Stealth Fighters.
No Paladin Tanks.
Maybe No Aurora Bombers.
No Leaflet Drop.

Units can pick up scrap for resources, vehicles gain upgrades, like GLA.
Units embarked in Humvees do not die upon Humvee's destruction.
Humvee's are cheaper.
Starts with Pathfinders.
Captures buildings faster.

Special unit:
Marine: Replaces Rangers, identical, but costs 150 like rebels.
Gun Truck: Like a Chinese Supply Truck, but larger, carries more supplies, and comes with a Humvee machine gun. Can carry units. Embarked units that fire from vehicle, and do not die when the Gun Truck does. Chinooks are still available. Can be build from Supply Center and War Factory. (Basically M977).

Special Upgrades:
Survival Package: Pilots are stealthed.
Homemade Hollowpoints: Marines to extra damage againts infantry.

General Abilities:
Humvee Training: Humvees start with one veterancy rank.
Cash Bounties: Like the GLA version.

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Offline DoucheExMachina  
#203 Posted : Wednesday, February 13, 2019 8:36:15 PM(UTC)
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AI General
Faction USA

Fluff: Experimental command AI being field tested, given droned versions of basic units and outdated models. Basically the Generals verse taking EVA resarch in a different direcion. The guinea pigs/soldiers acting as infantry are required to carry all kinds of land warrior systems to interface with their commander. The upside is a total interconnection of all units.

No Stealth Fighters.
No Paladin Tanks.
No Aurora Bombers.
Vehicles to not gain veterancy.
No Pilots.
Infantry is more expensive.
All vehicles require power to function.
No infantry from destroyed buildings.
No Paradrop.
Infantry can only capture civilian buildings.

Every single unit is affected by the Patriot Missile uplink, allowing them to attack targets otherwise outside of their usual target range.
Vehicles are immune to toxin and resistant to radiation.
Drone upgrades are cheaper, units automatically replace damaged drones.
Starts with Spy Drone and Spy Drone has lower cool down.
Sentry Drones are cheaper.
Buildings get drone upgrades.

Special units: QF-Fighter: Droned fighter, replaces Raptors. Identical statwise, but cheaper, maybe slower. Either QF-16, QF-18s, possibly using a mix of models to represent a random surplus of old fighters.

Hive Queen: Drone that garrisons civilian buildings. The garrisoned building gains drone upgrade slots equal to number of garrison slots. Drones are automatically replaced. Cannot be cleared with flashbangs, toxins or flames. Building must be destroyed.

Special Building:
Reinforced Cold Fusion Reactor: Significantly more durable Cold Fusion Reactor.

Hunter Killer Package: Needs to be activated on the individual Humvee. Humvee loses transport capacity, gains more missiles, and power powerful missiles, stealth, and spots stealth.
Drone Hives: Transport capacity can now be used as additional drone slots on all units.

General Abilities:
Predator Drone, Rank 1: Like Spy Drone, except bigger with more health, and it dumps missiles on enemy targets within range.
Loitering Swarm, Rank 3, 3 Levels: Places a swarm of loitering munitions in an area, where they will circle in the sky until detecting an enemy units which they will drop on. Destroying the munition and cause an explosion. Increasing levels will create more munitions per swarm.
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