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#1 Posted : Wednesday, November 29, 2017 2:14:27 PM(UTC)
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Has anyone here played any of Super Smash Bros?

I was thinking, what would a Super Smash Bros game with Command and Conquer characters be like, and who would be part of the cast?

What i have in mind for the cast (I'm only particularly familiar with Red Alert 2 and Generals, plus a bit of Renegade. So anyone who's played the main Command and Conquer series feel free to add to this list):

Generals/Zero Hour cast:

- Colonel Burton
- General Granger
- General Alexander
- General Townes


- General Ironside (combines the best moves from Granger, Alexander, and Townes)
- James Cebury (the news reporter)


- Jarmen Kell
- Dr. Thrax
- Prince Kassad
- General Juhziz


- General Deathstrike (combines best moves from Thrax, Kassad, and Juhziz)
- Omar Bin Kazale (or however you spell his name. He's the GLA news reporter dude.)
- Explosives Kell (clone of Jarmen Kell that is generally slower, but more powerful.)


- Black Lotus
- General Fai
- General Tao
- General Kwai


- Super Lotus (a clone of Lotus with a few different moves, and is generally faster)
- Whoever their news reporter woman was (I haven't played the China campaign in a long time.
- General Leang (Combines best moves from Fai, Tao, and Kwai.)

Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge cast:


- Lieutenant EVA
- General Carvill
- Tanya
- President Dugan

- Dr. Einstein


- Lieutenant Zofia (I think that was her name)
- General Vladimir
- Premier Romanov
- Boris


- Yuri (duh)

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#2 Posted : Thursday, December 28, 2017 3:16:06 AM(UTC)
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I have a Skullgirls-y set up for the fighting game.

Alexei Romanov - For Glory of all Soviet People!
->623P - Communist Manifisto
Romanov punches the enemy really, really hard.
Can be performed with Light, Medium and, Heavy Variants.
Maximum damage with no penalties as follows: 500, 1000, 1500
Invincible Startup. Heavy version can cause wall bounce.

->236K - Union Sickle
Romanov throws a sickle at the enemy. Returns like boomerang.
Can be performed with Light, Medium and, Heavy Variants.
Can be performed in the air.
750 Damage. Light, Medium and, Heavy Kick modifies range to: short, mid, screen-wide
Projectile. Medium and Heavy versions can bring enemies towards Romanov.

->214P - Worker's Hammer
Romanov reels back for a swing of the communist hammer.
Can be performed with Light, Medium and, Heavy Variants.
Maximum damage with no penalties as follows: 1000, 1500, 2000
Medium and Heavy version can cause a shockwave for additional range.
If the Heavy version misses, players on the ground will be knocked down.

->214PP - As written by Karl Marx
Lv 1 Super.
A the proletariat beat the enemy up.
The proletariat have 2 hits of armor before their cancelled.
Leaves after 20 hits. Max Damage: 4000

->241KK - Soviet Engineering
Lv 2 Super.
A squad of Rhino Tanks run the enemy over.
Tanks have super armor. 5 hits.
Max Damage: 4000

->236KK - Conscript Firing Line
Lv 3 Super.
A squad of Conscripts bombard the enemy.
Provides no protection. 11 hits.
Max Damage: 5500

->32147896PP - I am Premier, you know.
Lv 5 Super.
Romanov's most powerful attack. He drops a soviet barracks on the enemy.
Invincible until animation ends. 2 hits.
Max Damage: 11000

Yuri - A trivial matter.
->236LP - Psychic Punch
A slightly longer and strong range of the Light Punch. Damage: 400

->236MP - Psychic Blast
Yuri punches the air creating a small explosion of psychic energy. Damage: 600

->236HP - Psychic Fire
Can be performed in the air, aimed diagonally down.
Yuri throws a fireball. Projectile. Damage: 800. Hadouken!

->214K - Psychic Flight
Yuri gains flight for 20 seconds.
Medium version, slower, causes wave that pushes back enemies.
Heavy version, slowest, causes damage and pushes back enemies. Damage: 300

->623K - Psychic Slam
Slams opponent into the ground.
Can be performed in the air.
Grab on hit, Command grab.
Damage: 600

->446K - Psychic Burst
Attack both sides.
Medium and Heavy versions extends range.
Damage: 600

->236PP - Psychic Ragdoll
Lv 1 Super.
Slams opponent to the screen limits.
Can be performed in the air.
Invincible. Grab on hit. Causes wall bounce. 4 hits.
Damage: 3000

->236KK - Psychic Shock
Lv 1 Super.
Creates a field of psychic storms to electrocute enemies.
Yuri gains flight until end of super. Max hits: 40
Max Damage: 4000

->214PP - Mind Control
Lv 3 Super.
Stuns target.
Yuri does psychic slaps on target. 20 hits.
Damage: 5000

->88221166KK - Psychic Domination
Lv 5 Super.
Yuri does a JoJo reference. MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA.
Hits: 50. Damage: 10000
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