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Battlebase Koi
BattleBase Koi is a large support floating-fortress for Japan. It was originally designed to research into technologies to advance Japan's ever expanding Nanite and Waveforce technology. Due to Allied offence, this ship continues its path towards Honolulu, Pearl Harbour to re-enforce the military forces.

The map is designed around a new concept created by me in an attempt to utilize all of the strategies RA3 has to offer.

It has a great water area, but little use without a good view on top of the battlebase. Vehicles are picked down by the huge number of civilian structures, making a single armoured assault much less-effective. Air units have a difficult time as they can be countered by AA from unreachable places for non-long ranged units.

One of the main pointers about this map is the number of Ore depot locations. There are more on land than anywhere on the map, but this doesn't mean Navy won't work, as there are Oil Derricks outside of the fortress to hold your own and push back on land.

Currently, land is the most easily accessible way of gaining access to another player's base and with infantry being so deadly, its good advice normally to hold the main areas with them. But be aware that enemies, although vulnerable on the field, are much more at comfort in their base, where base defences can make short work with infantry.
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Max Players: 4
Author: TiberianFiend   

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