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Operation: Radar
Objective 1: Destroy the Radar Towers
Objective 2: Destroy the Soviet Supply Base
Objective 3: Destroy the Soviet Mining Base

Commander, the Soviets have two large bases in this sector. One is an important Supply Base that is currently in use supplying the Soviets with resources and troops to fight us. The other is a Mining Base. This is a huge source of income to the Soviets, and must be destroyed. Unfortunately, the Soviets have installed a group of Radar Towers along the mountains near their bases to detect any enemy forces. The Radar Towers are also linked to the Supply Base Defense systems - wiping them out may cause an overload. Once you've taken out the Radar Towers, we'll be able to send in some reinforcements to take out the Soviet Bases. It is vital that you destroy both bases, or else Tanya's mission to take out the Nuke Silos could go horribly wrong.
Good luck!

This is my second Single-Player Map, and after playing every solo map available to download at a lot of websites, I've spent ages on this map to make sure it is amazing. It has over double the amount of triggers, teams, taskforces, waypoints, actions and variation than nearly every mission available to download. I've made sure the map contains almost everything that might be wanted in a single-player mission: Variety, long lastibility, lots of challenges, loads of surprises, stealth parts, action parts, and timed parts. There are also over 50 extra text messages included in the RA2.csf to add hints, info and help on the mission, tips and helpful information to help you to fully understand the map, and what you have to do. I've also made sure that the map is suited to nearly everyone, except (if you'll forgive me) utter newbies. On easy, the map will be quite challenging, especially objective 3, but is fairly easy to complete. On normal, the map will be a lot harder, with more enemy reinforcements, buildings, units, etc. On hard, the mission is almost as hard as it can get, but still possible to be completed. It is virtually impossible to complete the mission on hard without having to save and load, meaning its great fun to have a go at if you want to see whether your amazing at single-player missions!
The most important thing about this map on the first objective is you have to be QUICK. There's very little time to 'manage' your units, to try and get them all elite, as if you do this, your likely to run out of time and fail. On the second and third objectives, you get a lot more time, but, if you don't spend that time well, you could once again loose easily. One of my favorite features of this map is the soviets 'jamming device'. This happened entirely by accident when I was playing around with the map, and I decided instead of getting rid of it, Id use it to add an extra bit of variation to the map. As a result, on the third Radar station, you're likely to find the soviets jamming device interfering with troop movements on the mountain tops, making it harder to run away from the station.
P.S. Ive added a lot more hints for easy which give you helpful advice on parts of the map that may be hard.

To play Operation: Radar, either unzip the Zip file Radar to your RA2 directory, or copy the two files it unzips ( and RA2.csf) to your RA2 directory. Then start up an allied mission.
Once you've played the map on the difficulty settings (id advise to play on all 3, as they're all slightly different), make sure you email me to say what you thought of the map.
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