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Under Attack (1.2)
The soviets have declared war on us. They have already have a supply base in your sector. Intel reports that a large soviet battalion is set to attack Fort Carville, which is the last Resistance between them and Washington. Satellite photographs also show a Psychic Sensor in the area, but our readings show it to be one of Yuri's Psychic Beacons. Not only will this be able to detect you and call in reinforcements, but it has the potential to mind control everyone in Washington. You must destroy the Psychic Beacon at ALL COSTS. Also, blunt the Soviet invasion by withstanding their first attack force, and destroying their supply base. (along with any hostile units)
Primary Objective: Destroy the Psychic Beacon.
Secondary Objective: Destroy all hostile forces.

This map has loads of triggers, and some only work for certain difficulty settings, meaning there will be new surprises on each difficulty setting you try. You have 2 mission objectives. The first is to destroy the Psychic sensor. The second is to destroy all enemy forces. The difficulty settings at the start that you choose reflect on how hard the mission is going to be. If its on easy, you should be able to do the mission with only slight difficulty - if its hard however, you should find it very hard right from the start, so if you do it straight away without restarting or loading the game on hard, you’ll have done a lot better than me. I’ve scattered triggers throughout the whole map, so there should be plenty of surprises! If you like all action maps, and like using GIs, this map should be ideal for you!
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