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Two Craters V1.1

Symmetric 2v2 or 4 player FFA multiplayer or skirmish map for C&C Red Alert 3.

The prominent features of the map are:
-Two craters on the top right and bottom left: these are mining sites that used to be mountains.
-Two mountains on the top left and bottom right.
-A central hill with small towns and an academy at the center.

{Note:} shipyards are locked as there are no water bodies in the map.

Every player has access to 3 oil derricks that are easily capturable. All ore nodes have the stock values so holding onto the derricks can make or break a match. While craters can be better defended and have more space for buildings, it is harder to expand your economy. Also, due to the size and complexity of the map, some pathing issues may arise. I recommend playing from one of the mountainous starting locations.

There are two EASTER EGGS to find on the map... can you find them? (Hint: EA :Đ)

See the readme for changelog.

HAVE FUN! -Ádám form Hungary
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Max Players: 4
Author: MoltenEQ   

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