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Dark Fortress RA
This map design is based on Drummin's AOD map Dark Fortress for Generals ZH although I have changed the setting quite a lot. The fortress has been built in the area of an old and extinct volcanic eruption, which happened to appear above the surface of the sea.

The action scenario is set at night.

The Keep, in the centre of the map, is occupied by 2 co-operative players, whose task is to defend the position as best they can. Although the Keep looks a little cramped, there is ample building space on there to maintain a decent defence. Basic power requirements and static defences are granted to the 2 defending players at the beginning of the game, but you will need to maintain and defend those power installations, otherwise your defences are down and you are open to attack. In addition to Ore Nodes on the centre, there are Oil Derricks to supplement funding.

The outer fortress has a symmetry and is occupied by the other 4 players, who have to destroy the central installation by working together as a team. Each outer position also has basic power requirements granted and some strategic defences, but the only income is from Ore Nodes only. The outer positions are built with a Naval Yard, situated in the specially protected areas next to the base.

Superweapons are disabled, so you will need skill and strategy to create your forces and plan your attacks, whichever position or faction you choose.
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