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Mission 7: Soviet-Era Rocket Launch Facility

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Mission Objective:
  • Capture the Ground Control Building and Launch Pad

Capture this derrick along with the one near your base to get a quick economic boostBuild nine more workers and set the ones you started with to gathering supplies. Take one and build a barracks. For General's promotions I took the anthrax bomb, one level of cash bounty, repair, the scud launcher, the marauder tank and two levels of rebel ambush. The rebels will be useful later for capturing targets. Build up your base like usual, being sure to get the capture ability from the barracks. When you get it, build a rebel and capture the oil derrick to the west of your base, and the one far east (see screen above left).

You should now start some defenses. Since you started in a corner this base is easy to defend. Build about four stinger sites with as many workers around the outer perimeter of your base. Do this with further expansion in mind; you don't want to have your base too cluttered. When your arms dealer is done, build a radar van and start building some marauder tanks and quad cannons to stay home and defend. Like the last mission, you can score some great damage very early.

Use a technical to scout the location of the ground control building. You'll see the path you have to take to get there (northeast of your base). What we're going to do is initiate a strike just behind an anthrax bomb. Build six marauders, three quad cannons, two angry mobs, ten rebels and two scud launchers to do this. The anthrax beta and toxin shells upgrades will be a huge help as well. Fortunately, anthrax beta improves the damage of your anthrax bomb and marauder shells (with toxin shells upgrade) so this is a huge upgrade to get.

Drop the anthrax bomb here to attempt to disable some tomahawk cruise missilesGet your forces near the enemy base, but well outside firing range of the two patriot launchers that likely destroyed your technical earlier. Fire your scuds at the two launchers to destroy them, clearing a path for your troops. Use the anthrax bomb on the location I've specified on the screen above and to the left. You'll hopefully kill off a couple tomahawks with it, which would have posed a minor problem. Don't worry if they weren't destroyed, just rush in with your tanks in the lead and focus fire on them as the top priority.

When the initial force is destroyed you'll face scattered enemies. Use your scuds on the buildings (normal explosives) while your other troops focus on enemy combat units. If there are none around, trash the structures. You'll eventually destroy everything here, and have access to capture the control building. Do so, you should have a rebel or two left. While they're capturing it, get some quad cannons and marauders back at your base to help defend this mission-critical building.

Secure your victory by capturing the launch pad hereNow go northeast of here, destroying the Chinese bunkers with your scuds. When they're clear, you can march right toward the launch pad. Destroy any enemy opposition near the pad. Use the rebel ambush and, when the rebels are able, capture the pad. The very moment you have both buildings captured, you've beaten the GLA campaign. Well done!

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