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Mission 4: Incirlik Air Base

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Mission Objective:
  • Destroy the American Airbase

Build all of your military production structures south of your current base, so they can do their job well. There's a long path to the Americans and you want them to be as close as you can. You'll obviously want some anti-air capabilities, so get out some quad cannons and stinger sites as soon as you can. Build them on the western side of your base. For General's promotions I recommend you take the marauder tank and two levels of cash bounty. If you get another promotion on this mission you should take the scud launcher. Finally, build about six more workers to collect supplies.

Marauder tanks are a good addition to a GLA military. You can upgrade them with enemy kills, making them quite deadly. If you use them in combat you should upgrade one tank at a time. Don't get crates from dead enemy vehicles for a tank that's fully upgraded, or you'll only get cash as your reward (and not much at that!).

Build some stinger sites to help against the american air attacksPump out some RPG troops and rebels to help guard your base, for now, until you can afford more vehicles. Build three stinger sites, well placed, to defend it. Note that if any of your stinger sites are damaged in an air attack you should use a worker to repair it, ASAP! You don't want to lose it; you'll have to build another one!

When you're done with that build a radar van at your Arms Dealer and put it in the back of your base. Now build a palace and research toxin shells and arm the mob. You'll have great anti-infantry capability with those. Now, of course, you'll want to build the units that can use those upgrades: marauders and angry mobs. While you're doing this, remember to repair and rebuild your stinger sites.

Recruit two angry mobs, four marauders, two rocket buggies, Jarmen Kell, and three quad cannons. You should build another group of about six terrorists to go ahead of your attack force; they can destroy incoming enemy tanks, but try to run them one at a time at the enemy. Put your troops into groups - the quad cannons and angry mobs into group 1, for dealing with infantry, the marauders into group 2, to deal with enemy tanks, the rocket buggies into group 3 so you can control their fire (at vehicles) from long range. Put the terrorists into the fourth group so they can clear your path to the American base. Jarmen Kell should be in his own group so you can use his snipe skill on any nasty enemies. Put Jarmen Kell well in front and cross the bridge west of your base.

Your rocket buggies have great range, use it!When you cross the bridge and follow the road south, you'll see a supply dock with rangers guarding it. Use your quad cannons to eliminate them, leaving the rest of your forces behind. Once they're destroyed, use Jarmen Kell to continue on the path to the north. You'll see an american patriot battery. Bring all your forces forward, but not anywhere near within its range. Use the rocket buggies, instead. They can destroy it without being touched. If the americans attack, use the terrorists to destroy the attackers. When the patriot battery's destroyed you'll see a path by the wall. Go through it to destroy the American strategy center with your terrorists.

Finish off this base to complete the missionWith that done you can destroy the next patriot battery a little to the north of that one (with rocket buggies). If the americans try to rebuild their strategy center destroy it with the buggies to make them waste cash. When the second battery is destroyed unleash your full assault, sending your units to guard within the american base. Target anything that returns fire, then focus on military construction buildings. The American base will be obliterated, and you will reign supreme.

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