Command and Conquer: Generals Walkthrough

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Mission 6: Splinter-Cell Controlled Region

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Mission Objective:
  • Eliminate all traitors

You start with a base and the three nuclear warhead trucks. Keep them safe inside your base while your other units move to guard it. Leave the troops on the cliffside, but move the tanks. You have a countdown until the Chinese arrive. If you move quickly you can do a lot of damage, or even finish the mission, before they come. Build an arms dealer with one of your workers and get the other three to gathering supplies while you build ten more of them. You want to gather resources fast and pump out a decent force. For General's promotions take the scud launcher, repair, marauder tank and one level of cash bounty.

Begin fighting here to push into the traitorous GLA baseWhen your arms dealer is done, build seven marauder tanks. Three quad cannons could be helpful, too. At your barracks start eight RPG troopers. While all this is happening, have your worker build a palace. When that's done, get the toxin shells upgrade for the marauders. Before too long your troops will be done producing. I had around two minutes left until the Chinese arrival at this point. Move your new attack force north (keep the nuke trucks behind them for later use) of your base toward the cliffside the enemy GLA have control of. On your way you'll encounter patrolling GLA units. Destroy them and punch through the defending troops with your tanks, directing all firepower at enemy units, and keeping well clear of the tunnel networks while the scud launchers blow them up (using explosive warheads, please). When you've got control of the area, take your nuke trucks up the hill and directly into the enemy base. Align them up as I have in the screenshot (above) then set off the nuke on all three at once.

Detonate your trucks like so to cause widespread damageMassive damage will ensue, leading to two possible outcomes for you. The first, and best, is that you got a general's promotion (maybe after a few more kills) and can get the anthrax bomb promotion and drop the bomb right on the rebel command center. Otherwise, use your tanks and push into the enemy base, finishing off what they have. This isn't very hard at all. Fortunately, even if you fail you did lethal damage and can rush some more tanks and quad cannons at them to finish the job.

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