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Mission 2: Aid Supplies Drop Zone

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Mission Objective:
  • Collect $40,000

Ignore the first supply drop sighting for now. Instead, build ten RPG troopers while you use a worker to build an arms dealer. For your general's upgrade, pick the marauder tank and repair ability. Set your idle worker to gathering supplies. When the arms dealer is done, build eight marauders. Take the technicals you started with toward the village wehre the first U.N. drop was performed and kill all the villagers. Or, as many as possible. If a U.N. convoy comes, run back to your base. This is the best way to prevent the villagers from taking your loot later on.

Use this formation to destroy the U.N. convoys as they comeWhen your arms dealer is done, start construction of eight marauder tanks. Notice the star shape of the roadway. You'll want to put your RPG troopers in the southernmost building of the upper triangle (see screen to see the optimal formation. NOTE: THIS is after the map expands, but the placement is still correct) and put four marauders into each of the two corners. This area is now heavily defended. If a U.N. supply convoy comes from the south, where you've killed all the villagers, use a technical to gather the supplies. If they don't drop the supplies there they'll be killed by your RPG troopers. If the convoy enters from either of the northwestern and northeastern points of the star, you'll destroy the immediately. The formation I recommended works fine, you just have to wait a bit. Above all, grab the supplies after the vehicles are destroyed so you don't have to bother destroying civilian buildings. Your technicals will be great at grab-runs after convoys are destroyed, although if a convoy is destroyed at the points held by the marauders they should take the booty.

Station some quad cannons at this lake to knock down the U.S. planesWhen you've reached your first $20,000 your goal will change to shooting down planes, and the map will expand. Take the three quad cannons you get free (wait a minute; after the first American plane drop, they come in from the west) and one marauder tank (divert one of your existing ones) and station them at the southern point of the lake. Now build two more quad cannons to reinforce each of the points of the start you originally covered. Before long, the U.N. will drop enough supplies (through your destruction of their planes) for you to reach the $30,000 goal. Note: At this point, if you're attacked by American tanks, their destruction will yield you money toward your goal! Grab those crates!

Destroy this USA base to get the last of the cash you needYou'll now get to the $40,000 goal. You have enough firepower to destroy the american base; you just need to assemble it. Take all of your troops toward the base. Destroy everything in your path and you'll eventually reach $40,000 without spending another dollar. Even if you have to build reinforcements you can do it easily--just use a good mix of quad cannons and marauder tanks.

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