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Mission 5: Toxic Waste Containment and Disposal Facilities

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Mission Objective:
  • Capture 4 bunkers and wipe out all American defenders

It's up to you on what to choose for general's promotions on this mission. I chose three levels of cash bounty and the repair ability. Get all your workers gathering resources at the supply stash to the southwest. You want to build a palace, barracks and black market as soon as possible, so build about five workers. The first completed should start on your palace, while the next four help the others gather resources.

Build a palace here to open up technology and help defend your baseConstruct a few extra scorpion tanks and quad cannons to help guard your base for the time being. You'll be able to go offensive soon but the Americans will probably be attacking you before you're ready. Nab the scorpion rocket upgrade for your tanks! When your palace is done get the toxin shells for the tanks while your worker builds a barracks. Put four RPG troopers and a rebel in the palace and research the capture building upgrade for future rebels.

Now you can build your first black market. Put it in the far corner of your base so it's protected to generate funding for you. While your worker's building that, get five scorpion tanks, two quad cannons and two angry mobs out. Research the arm the mob upgrade at the palace. Build a technical and load it with four rebels and a worker to carry around the guys who'll be capturing the bunkers. Just keep that technical safe behind your other forces on the upcoming attack run.

Get the junk repair and AP bullets upgrades from the Black Market if you so desire, then go on the offensive. Head directly north of your base to the top-most bunkers, but be sure to avoid going close to the bridge to the east on your way. You don't want to attract American attention just yet. The bunkers are very lightly guarded and, when the area is secure, you should use your Rebels to capture them and the oil derrick east of them. Use the worker to build a few stinger sites here. Now defend this area for a minute or two while you get things in order back at your base.

You could now divert a quad cannon and scorpion tank or two to help guard your first bunkers, then move your attack group out and head to the bunker far to the east of them. While they're moving, build a couple rocket buggies and extra quad cannons (the americans have aircraft) to help with your first group. They won't be needed until later.

At the third bunker you'll encounter forces similar to the first battle. Nothing that should give you too much trouble, in other words. Do the same as with the first bunkers and you'll have a total of three well defended bunkers. Now for the hardest part, getting that fourth bunker!

Cross this bridge to enter the final battle of this missionUse your rocket buggies to destroy the normal bunkers guarding the bridge on either side while your other forces stand guard. If a helicopter attacks you, focus all your quad cannons on destroying it! When the bunkers are all destroyed, cross the bridge with your tanks in the lead and the other forces just behind. Smash through their defenses. Get the immediate area around the bunkers just north of the bridge secure, then send in your rebels to capture it. Have your other units stand guard and you'll be fine. When you're done, take your troops and waltz through the American base. Focus primarily on destroying military production buildings and enemy units. Destroy power plants as  well and eventually they won't be able to power the patriot missile turrets, offering you an even easier ride. When the entire base is wiped out, you're victorious.

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