Red Alert 3: Map Generator

The RA3 Map Generator by Kos4u2c can auto-generate 1-6 player land/water maps, and 2- or 4-player symmetrical tournament maps.  Settings for the randomly generated maps currently include: map size, textures, heights, texture blending, and water reflection, etc.  These settings can be saved to text files and edited or reused later.

The Map Generator also opens existing maps, and can generate RA3-style "minimap" previews.

To save your map, browse to the folder containing RA3 maps.  The program will automatically create subfolder and save the map and its minimap preview inside.

.: Download Red Alert 3 Map Generator by Kos4u2c
Note: RA3 Map Generator requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.  The framework is free and can be downloaded from Microsoft's website or via Windows Update.  If you already have the .NET Framework 2.0 installed, you do not need to download the framework again.

Version 090216 - Released 16 Feb 2009

» Download RA3 Map Generator (1.2 MB)

.: Features

  • Create Random Maps: a different map every time
    • Number of Players (1-6 player normal maps; 2- or 4-player tournament-style maps)
    • Size (width, height, and border dimensions)
    • Specify terrain (land or water)
    • Specify terrain textures
  • Mini-map Preview: creates and displays full-sized mini-maps with start location numbering
  • Save and load the settings for your random maps, for reuse later
  • Automatically detects Red Alert 3 map folder location

.: Screenshots

Red Alert 3 Map Generator by Kos4u2c


.: Change Log

Version 090216:

  • Added IsScenarioMultiplayer option.
  • Fixed Tournament symmetrical maps not reflecting tech structures.
  • Changed map detail option to allow finer control over size of areas.
  • Bug fixes for opening maps and placement of objects.
  • Added message box to warn about possible bad placement of objects and lack of ramps for areas.
  • Changed TGA file to 24bpp and 512*512 fixed resolution to decrease file size.

Version 090214:

  • Added TerrainSeed and ObjectSeed to control randomization of terrain and object placement. You can share a map by sharing the seeds and configuration text file.
  • Added 6 player tournament map generation.
  • Added CliffTest map type to test cliffs.
  • Added tech structures.
  • Changed purple color for tech structures and gold for ore nodes in preview.
  • Changed default Land map type to include water areas. Just change water height back to 195, or increase LandHeightMapVals if no water is desired.
  • Some bug fixes for opening maps.
  • Map preview PNG and TGA are saved in EXE folder when opening maps.