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— Wednesday, January 13, 2016 —

Posted By: SUPER-G at 4:48:11 PM ET

CIMSEC's "RTS" Podcast

The guys over at cimsec.org have kicked off their first podcast of 2016, named "RTS", with an hour long discussion of one of C&C's most popular games: Generals.

Have a listen.

This is something I came upon recently, and thought it was very interesting that those who work tirelessly to defend our nations from threats abroad also happen to enjoy firing scud storms at each other for kicks. The podcast mainly covers what the political atmosphere was when the game was first released, and how it has seemingly predicted the future in some ways. I reccomend you guys check it out.

On another note, we are still looking for people willing to review maps for all our supported games with the exception of Generals and Zero hour, we could really the extra help. If you are interested in learning, or already have the experience and know-how to review them, email me at: super-g@cnclabs.com

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