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COOP USA vs GLA - Cliffs of Dover ZH

The GLA is making a lot of
trouble in Dover. The USA has
come for help with a little

Separate Scripts for:
>> Singleplayer Mode - easy, normal and hard
>> CO-OP Mode - easy, normal and hard

Date submitted: 8/4/2023
Date reviewed: 8/5/2023

This is a custom scripted co-op mission map.
1 or 2 humans players as USA against 1 GLA computer. You find the map in custom 3 player maps.
File Size: 200.9 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 3
Author: El_Chapo   

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Tag Map

its Free For all Map only 3 players can play in this map It is one of the best games for 3 players only Each person has a large space to build what he wants, and there is also justice in the distribution of spaces between players

Date submitted: 10/9/2022
Date reviewed: 11/7/2022
File Size: 114 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 3
Author: Ramadan   

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3 players map for singleplayer battles and multiplayer (1 vs 1 vs 1). Its detailed, very big and balanced. Can reminds a bit Cairo Commandos.

Landscape: plains, forests, villages, big highway, some lakes
Players: 3
AI: yes
Balance: good
Resourses: normal

Map creators:
- BagaturKhan (scenario, drawing), Yug-server (map, design, 90% work)
Comrade_Lenin (AI)

Date submitted: 4/24/2022
Date reviewed: 4/30/2022
File Size: 163 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 3
Author: BagaturKhan   

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Tag Map

A small open map for free-for-all for 3 players.

Date submitted: 10/21/2021
Date reviewed: 11/09/2021
File Size: 10.4 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 3
Author: cetx2   

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Tag Map

Just a basic skirmish map you can play.


Date submitted: 4/2/2021
Date reviewed: 4/19/2021
File Size: 85 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 3
Author: MTR   

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Tag Map

Simple map with concept of map from C&C Tiberium wars 3 (Unfair Advantage)

Date submitted: 1/8/2021
Date reviewed: 1/28/2021
File Size: 39.5 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 3
Author: Miru   

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Tag Map

COOP – GLA vs AirF – Iranian Counterstrike ZH
“Iranian Counterstrike”
It is a 3 Player/Skirmish Map for Zero Hour (co-op online mission)
2 human player GLA vs USA AIRF 1 Skirmish Comp and an additional scripted comp.
by El Chapo a.k.a. issy

2 Humans are starting with a hand full of units and they need to free the city area behind the bridges.
After that workers will be send to you. There you can build and kill all enemies on map to win.

2 Humans start as GLA
1 Comp starts as USA AirF

There is a map.ini with the map. It allows to collect Generals Points for kills on CompEnemy.
That forces you to restart Generals after map transfer. Have all player the map in the second run, it works fine.

Features List:
===-Player Civilian-===

Script Folder: 01 Check Setup Faction GLA vs USA AirForceGeneral
– Failsafe = Players can start from each slot in Lobby, but they must have the correct armies and startpositions chosen in Lobby.

Script Folder: 02 Relationships
– Relationships to additionally Civilian Players (CompEnemy and CompFriend)

Script Folder: 03 Map Setup
– Humans have no Sneak-Attack and no Rebell Ambush Level 3
– Superweapons only for Comps available
– Supplies has modiefied values worth of money
– Unshrouded Waypoints on map for all players (for the waterfalls and Enemy Base)
– Removal Scripts for unnecessary units after Start.

Script Folder: 04 Intro Manager
– Timers for the intro
– Removal Script for Intro Units

Script Folder: 05 Audio
– Playing sounds and Speeches

Script Folder: 06 Briefings
– shows text messages during the game

Script Folder: 07 Camera
– Camera movements
– shrouds map with fog of war after intro

Script Folder: 08 Early Defeat
– Ending the game to own conditions
– Shows related Text messages

The Music scripts are default.. but it starts delayed after intro…

===-Player CompEnemy-===
(Player Civilian in blue)

Script Folder: CE Intro Units
– Intro Units of Player CE and its actions

Script Folder: CE Basic Setup
– Money of Player CE
– Full Science availability
– All Upgrades are bought
– Scoring on for CE ( but it is not necessary here actually)

Script Folder: CE Strategy Center
– It chooses randomly a tactic on build event

Script Folder: CE-PowerPlants Manager
– linked scripts for build event of power plants, it upgrades the powerplants

Script Folder: CE-Power Free Energy
– exists a power plant usa a chineese will be spawned too (outside the map), and with killing powerplants they disappear also. Just extra power)

Script Folder: CE Garrison Buildings
– Spawn of units at waypoints and garrision certain buildings then

Script Folder: CE War Manager
– control scripts for activation of action scripts and script folders
– 3 main trigger activating the following actions

Use of Special Powers:
– Spydrones
– Paradrops
– A10 Strikes
– Spectre Gunship
– CarpetBomb
– Daisy Cutter
– Particle Canon

War Production Folders:
3x WarBaracks where units will be spawned if they are not exist anymore
3x WarFactories …
3x Airfields …
– spawning of untis in sequences of timers at a waypoint in a special direction
– sequences repeating in randomly times and stops while a production build is dead

===-Player CompFriend-===
(Player Civilian in green)

Script Folder: CF Intro Units
– spawns and moves intro units of player

Script Folder: CF Base Setup
– Money setup of player
– Buys several updates

Script Folder: CF Transfer Manager
– Tigger scripts to activate transfers from Player CF to both human players in 3 steps
– 3 times transfering of units to the player based on startpositions

Skirmish Scripts should be default.

Date submitted: 10/3/2020
Date submitted: 10/4/2020
File Size: 1.1 MB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 3
Author: El_Chapo   

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Tag Map

Tagged as: Detailed
Triple Combat
Triple Combat is a detailed design map in which the players are located in a one row. The player located in the center has a lot of resources which helps to win the combat against the furious attackers.

Date submitted: 9/26/2020
Date reviewed: 9/28/2020
File Size: 477.4 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 3
Author: GB   

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Tag Map

Casino Arena Style map made by the inventor of casino style maps (Drecksack, Dirtbag). Supply and Oil get spawned. Tide changes the access to base changes.
There is one center island conected with 3 small base islands. In between the base islands there is 3 more
small islands. With low tide all 6 small islands get connected. Diffrent to every existing casino map is this not a survival gamestyle.
Focus was to create a much more agressiv and action loaded gamestyle. So there is no need to wait until there is no more space for secondary income.
Fight from the beginning for every supply, oil and terretory.

Casino: There is a new scripted casino. The odds are now equal to every of the 104 diffrent winning.
You can win every kind of unit including Boss dozer. Additonal to that you can win money or speacial attacks on center.
Ive also added some bonuses that hit on the center of the island like candy bombs and spawned sniped units.

Date submitted: 8/27/2020
Date reviewed: 8/29/2020
File Size: 86.5 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 3
Author: S4LT   

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Tag Map

Casino map for three players in Desert style.

- Casino every minute! Put infantry inside and get some nice units or money!
- Oil Derricks in the middle or at the player's base! You can't build secondary economy when Oil Derrick is in your base.
- Pro rules! No SW, Auroras and Demo Upgrade!
- No map.ini this time! Feel free to transfer this map in-game!

Date submitted: 7/24/2020
Date reviewed: 7/27/2020
File Size: 162.9 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 3
Author: Haubibban   

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Tag Map