C&C 3 Tiberium Wars: Map Manager: Change Log

C&C 3 Map Manager

v1.2 - 5 April 2008 - Changes Since Version 1.0.1

 - FEATURE: Support for managing Kane's Wrath maps
 - FEATURE: Drag & drop support - drag map .zip files or folders onto Map Manager to have them imported
 - FEATURE: Filter the maps view by Command & Conquer game (e.g. allows you to show just Kane's Wrath maps)
 - BUG FIX: Now recognizes the names of official pre-order/bonus maps not shipped with C&C 3 or Kane's Wrath
 - BUG FIX: Now renders TGA minimap files with the same orientation that the SAGE engine uses
 - BUG FIX: Now avoids some slow and unnecessary refreshes of the maps view

v1.0.1 - 10 May 2007 - Changes Since Version 1.0.0

 - FEATURE: Added shortcut key for refresh (F5)
 - FEATURE: Removes associated TGA file from MapPreviews folder when deleting a map
 - BUG FIX: Malformed TGA files resulted in an error message.  Added functionality for removing maps with malformed mini-maps.
 - BUG FIX: Added support for an additional TGA file format

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