C&C Generals: Zero Hour: Reviews

The following are reviews for the CnC Generals expansion pack, Zero Hour, that have been posted on various popular gaming websites.  Included below are the name of the gaming website the review was posted on, the date it was posted, a brief snip of the review from that website, and a link that can be used to continue reading.

Actiontrip | September 25, 2003 (Rating: 83/100)
It is obvious that since the release of C&C: Generals, the franchise has taken a new turn - some would say for better, some for worse. Love it or hate it, Command & Conquer games have changed in a sense that the single-player mode has become more of a supplement than the main feature. In addition, the visuals have gained another dimension and evolved into a gorgeous new 3D engine, with superb technical capabilities and excellent potential to bring the world of C&C to life. The warring factions have also changed, and now the game reflects a more contemporary, stereotypical representation of the world's political scene. Players now command one of the three military superpowers: the Global Liberation Army (terrorists), China, or the USA. Each side is quite unique in their combat philosophy and technologies, providing for a myriad of interesting units and a highly varied gameplay.
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IGN PC | September 24, 2003 (Rating: 9.0/10.0)
From a graphics and sound stand point, Zero Hour remains true to Generals with slick visuals in terms of texture, lighting, and effects. Superweapons continue to impress and the new heat wave effect for the US microwave tanks is a pretty good one, even if it can make things a bit confusing on the battlefield occasionally when you have a few of them in your army. Sound is equally good with nice sound effects for combat and ambient sounds (although some of the cities seem to have an awful lot of loud angry cats running around) as well as the same half rock, half symphonic score playing in the background of your battles. Voice acting still makes me laugh in a lot of cases and its still sometimes difficult to tell whether I'm laughing for the right reasons. 
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GameSpot | September 23, 2003 (Rating: 8.6/10.0)
Zero Hour does what any good real-time strategy expansion pack should do: it adds appreciable amounts of content and depth to the original product. It introduces various new units, technologies, and "generals powers" to each of the three factions from Generals--the high-tech USA military, the powerful forces of China, and the terrorist conglomerate called the GLA. It also introduces a completely new single-player mode: the generals challenge. Zero Hour also features follow-up campaigns for each of the factions, consisting of five good-sized missions apiece. The core game, too, has undergone a number of little tweaks and enhancements that make it play a bit better overall. These tweaks and enhancements address issues that players may have encountered in the original, either through its interface or its multiplayer. However, perhaps the most interesting addition to Zero Hour is the inclusion of nine new subfactions.
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