C&C Generals: 2003 Fan Map Contest

The fan map contest has now ended.  The top submitted maps can be downloaded from the Downloads: Maps page.

The Generals World Fan Map Contest is, simply put, a contest to determine who can create the best CnC Generals multiplayer map with the World Builder.  This contest will benefit Generals fans around the world by providing everyone with more, high-quality Generals multiplayer maps that are simply fun to play!  The creators of the two best (as deemed by Generals World staff members) Generals maps will each receive one Official CnC Generals T-Shirt signed by the development team as a prize!  Here's the full contest information:

Contest Date Info:
  • The Fan Map Contest officially begins on Monday, August 11, 2003 and will end on Monday, September 8, 2003.
  • There will be two winners, each of whom will receive one Official CnC Generals T-Shirt signed by the development team!
  • Maps that are submitted will be judged by Generals World staff members based on their quality, uniqueness, lasting appeal, and of course, how fun they are to play on!  Winners will be determined by a general consensus of judgers.
Rules and Regulations:
  • Only CnC Generals multiplayer maps will be accepted.
  • Maps you submit must have been created by you, no one else.
  • Max limit of two submissions per person.
  • Generals World staff members are excluded from the contest.
  • All maps must be submitted before the contest ends on September 8, 2003 in order to qualify.
  • Maps that are currently listed on, or that have previously been submitted but not yet added to, Generals World will not be accepted.
  • Two winners will be selected no later than two weeks after the contest ends. The winners will then be contacted in order to obtain mailing addresses for the prizes to be sent to.  One person may not win both prizes.
  • All maps that are submitted will be added to the Generals World Maps Downloads section, assuming they meet our regular quality standards.  The winning maps will be featured on the Generals World home page.
  • Submitted maps must be of high quality, and must meet the submission requirements as described on this page.
  • You must submit your contest map via the Generals World online Maps Submission system, located here.
  • You must supply a valid email address and provide a well-formed description of the map.
  • High-quality maps are expected! Creativity counts! Unique, fun, and exciting maps are preferred!
Special Thanks to:
  • Glenn Burtis for providing us with the prize T-Shirts
  • Generals World Staff for helping determine contest winners
  • All of the dedicated fans of CnC Generals!