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#41 Posted : Saturday, March 6, 2004 1:58:23 PM(UTC)
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#42 Posted : Wednesday, June 14, 2006 11:57:23 PM(UTC)
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Saw the info on making waves in another thread, although from the text it appears a structure/unit triggers it, so it would have to be put in the map with script, etc...I got the Dam to destroy and lowered the water behind it while raising the Main water slightly...bumped it down to 6 starting then after Dam Break I move it to 8. The waves may help once I work on those, but the map just looks ugly when the water raises it just shows pieces of it instead of blending it with the shore.

Is there a script I can run which reloads/smooths textures?

Also, I'm trying to destroy one of the DoubleWide Road Bridges on Dam Break, and neither Kill, nor Delete/Remove works. Bumped my water up to 9 once in the script and the train bridge blows up till I make it indestructable. Nothing else seems to work with the main bridge.

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#43 Posted : Thursday, June 15, 2006 2:42:00 AM(UTC)
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Bridges, unless special ones, cannot be destroyed no matter the damage.
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#44 Posted : Thursday, June 15, 2006 12:10:15 PM(UTC)
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If your looking to do this dam thing, do what he said, but then, do this in scripts

(Unit->Destroyed->unit ??? is destroyed)
"Unit 'Dam' is destroyed"

Actions if true
(I think it's Map->Water->Raise water level of area ??? to ???)
"Raise water level of area 'High water area's name' to 'Select a hight' in 'select time' seconds

I dont have worldbuilder on this comp o i cant check actual path, but i know theres also 1 that deals damage as it rises.
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#45 Posted : Friday, June 16, 2006 6:01:45 AM(UTC)
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Tried all the water level scripts, none of them make the water blend again, it still rises with hard edges. I even tried camera tricks like fade to white/black, and shaking the screen (which I didn't see did anything).

Well, I extracted China03 with FinalBig and studied every script. All they do though is switch to the camera effects and make the camera follow waypoints. The only water area is behind the Dam. I couldn't even find a script that changed the water level to do much of anything...just the basic stuff we already have been doing, and it checks the level a few times to play audio. It must be a built in thing like Trains following paths named Railroad. A certain water area name and amount of water behind the Dam or something.

I said the heck with it and made something more exciting. I made a land bridge behind mine and put supplies and such there giving another route across the river and more to gather...when the Dam goes the water level drops just enough to expose the bridge. Works pretty cool and the paths through it go right by my bunkers now so they serve the purpose of guarding the TechOilWells and the other way across. Mostly for Multiplayer since putting CPU paths through there would just confuse them if no one attacks the Dam. I could probably make some militia tanks come after so many minutes or when a player reaches a certain level and destroy it I guess...that would be pretty cool.

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#46 Posted : Saturday, June 17, 2006 3:02:19 PM(UTC)
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you can make a bridge destroyed but it will have to be triggered by something
this is how go to script menu make a script go to script conditions select IF then NEW and at and make a trigger and make somthing like if a building is destroyed and then select TRUE and NEW and at the top of the menu it says bridge open it up and it will say bridge is destroyed and b

sadly it might have to be the asian special effects bridge or another specail typeBlack Eye

i hope that helped with thatBig Smile

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when pushed
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#47 Posted : Sunday, June 18, 2006 5:19:48 AM(UTC)
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Yeah, it is only Object Bridges that can be "killed", anything in the Road group where it has two selection points can't. On China 03 the bridges that blow up I can't even get to select like they are pre-built objects.

Another problem I'm having is for multi-player effects I created a cine type view when the Dam is blown up where it goes widescreen, moves camera, etc. In order for all teams to see it I need to do a perm reveal, but in doing so it always gets out of sync errors and ends the game. What is the best way to reveal map in multiplayer? Or, can it even be done since there doesn't apear to be a reveal that does all teams, but one at a time.
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