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#1 Posted : Sunday, October 16, 2011 9:16:14 PM(UTC)
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I honestly dont care if theres no other changes, but these are some fundamental changes i really want to see the first patch update address; the point of it being a bare-bones list is that we hopefully get this patch as soon as possible.

The important changes:
1) re-deployable mcvs!

2) ore trucks need a return to refinery button. Also cant remember if medics/mechanics can target-heal units, but if they cant, they really need it.

3) ore trucks need to collect ore 50-60% faster! economy is too sluggish atm. (note- do this by increasing the amount of room the ore takes in the truck so that it just fills up faster while returning with the money load)

4) rocketmen/tank projectiles should miss all moving infantry (but hit stationary inf), just like mammoth/longbow rockets do now. currently tanks/rockets being deadly accurate vs inf just makes scouting with infantry pretty difficult, ruins micromanagement possibilities, and makes rocket soldiers very difficult to counter with inf.

5) fix the experience point levels for ALL units so they are proportional to cost! use the ra3 or cnc3 method of veterancy requirements/rewards.

6) fix the voice quotes! annoying at times because it is useful to know what kind of unit you have selected. In RA1 the voice quotes were different for inf and vehicles... in TRA they just share the same set with only 1 exception ('vehicle reporting' which seems to be vehicles-only).

7) add reload sounds for aircraft like in cnc3 so its easier to know if your aircraft have re-armed.

8) dying aircraft lack explosion effects/sound effects. if im mistaken, the effects atleast need to be made more noticeable.

9) migs shouldnt be able to land on helipads! theres also a random bug ive noticed where if you have a few airfields and helipads, and you lose your migs/yaks you are unable to re-build them.

10) give all units more fog sight range.

11) change the 'locomotors' on some of the larger units so they behave more responsively and without 'turn radii' when moving. Particularly needed for Chronotanks, mammoths, teslatanks, MCVs.

Not so important:
12) remove black terrain-covering shroud from all maps. Keep the standard cnc3/ra3 fog of war. Absolutely no reason to conceal the terrain - you should know where on the map you are sending your scouts without having to memorize the map entirely.

13) reduce range of garrisoned infantry, and reduce the health of garrisons significantly. In exchange however, grenadiers should not clear garrisons.
Overall the aim is to minimise the role/importance/effectiveness of garrisons because they are not an RA1-ish mechanic. This should simply serve as situational cover for infantry, and not something that is viable to scramble for everytime there's one in the vicinity.

14) rangers should be able to detect stealth units within a small range, particularly mines. Give anti-inf mines more splash/damage to compensate.

Not important and would not mind waiting until much later for:
15) GPS/Spy Plane should be temporary reveal abilities (only 20-30s reveal) with shorter cooldown, and GPS should be re-useable.

16) grenades and flame weapons need to look less 'wimpy'. i suggest using the cnc3 flametank flame texture on flame projectiles, and grenade explosions should just look more powerful with some flames to it like RA1.

I do not ask for any other number-tweaking balance changes for the moment - only these rather simple fixes to address some issues that i feel are fundamental.

PS- if you guys need ANY help with implementing these changes I would be more than happy to join the team to help; im pretty familiar with CnC3 SDK XMLs and RA3 isnt that different.

I love this mod both in concept and its implementation - I want to see it live upto its full potential and would really love to see a multiplayer community like Gamereplays.org (where I'm an active member) endorse it and have tournaments on it.


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'The Red Alert' mod with more refined balancing+bugfixes:
Check it out!
Offline Dave-V  
#2 Posted : Friday, October 28, 2011 11:52:00 AM(UTC)
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Main thing I'd like to see id the artillery have proper range, Artillery should be able to hit base defences from out side the range of said defences.
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