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Silent Storm v1.1
The players are located in a territory of the Middle East, which is segmented in three levels. The players will start on the middle level. The lowest level is situated in the middle of the map. The middle level is surrounded by the higher level, which is located on the edge of the map. On the far edge of the higher level is rail route.

Every player will begin the game with two supply docks containing $40000. Additionally there are $30000 in each corner and four supply piles are located along each side of the map.

Furthermore the map contains a sea with an island in the middle. On that island the host is able to configure the rules of the match, such as super weapons, en-/disable aurora, en-/disable trading. In case trading is enabled a small peninsula will appear, on which the players are allowed to exchange money. Also keep in mind that while the peninsula is connected with the mainland through the game, the first island will disappear after 30 seconds to prevent the USA from fortifying it, since the GLA will be unable to reach it.

* Dimensions: 360 x 450
* 1763 Objects
* 1 Train
* 8 Oil Derricks
* 12 Supply Docks (8x $30000, 4x $20000)
* 16 Supply Piles (each $3750)

Additional Features:
* higher camera
* elapsed time is shown
* adjustable rules: Allow Aurora, Super Weapons or Trade
* Scud-Bug FIX, Tunnel-Bug FIX, Anti Drop-Zone-Bug System, Anti Shadow-Fly System

Have Fun! Feed Back is welcome!

Note: Version 1.1 fixes the Object Creation Lists, which hopefully fixes any mismatches. If you experience any problems, restart the game before playing another map.
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Max Players: 4
Author: good_weather   

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