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Fort Morgan
Fort Morgan was originally put forward as a suggested Red Alert 3 map by Nocturnal, a forum member on the EA main forums. Having looked at some aerial shots of the historic site in Alabama, I also thought that it could be a good scenario for a game map. The Fort in the map has the main basic shape as the original structure, but the environment had to be changed to accommodate the game.

With the additional scripting, the map is almost a mini-mission. In the centre of the Fort, there is an Academy, which when captured, hands control of the surrounding defences to the player who captures it. The Academy and Defences are indestructible, so players will have to find ways of re-taking the Academy. The Defences around the Academy are not accessible for garrison purposes, but need a lot of power (hint) so there is an extra neutral Allied power plant which is also handed to the capturing player. This is destructible, so it will be a loss from all player's assets once destroyed.

To the left of the Academy, there is a 'Parade Ground' with the Fort's troops on parade. The troops are made up of three faction battalions: 48 Soviet, 48 Allied and 48 Empire. Each battalion is divided into 4 squads. These squads will help players when certain buildings on the map are garrisoned. The player will take control of the squads as if they were their own troops. Soviet player will take control of the Soviet battalion, Empire player will take control of the Empire battalion etc. The Armoured vehicles on parade are totally neutral and remain so. (Eye Candy only)

I really hope you have great fun with this map.
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