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[extreme] buggy survival v4
Each player starts with 3 GLA buggies and 1 Jarmen Kell. Like on AOD maps, waves of enemy units will be spammed onto the map. Your goal is to survive and destroy each wave with your buggies. When you lose a buggy, it won't be replaced, so be very careful with them!

To set the map difficulty, set the USA both to either normal, hard or brutal. Hard will feature a bigger challenge the normal, and brutal will be more difficult then hard.

Note that bots (as ally) will not play and be inactive. When such a bot is on the map, you also won't lose when all your units have been destroyed, like is the case with all human players. Also note that the human players need to be in the first 4 slots of the game, if they aren’t, they won't get their buggies!

Some tips:
* When playing on hard or brutal, air strikes will be spawned onto the map at random intervals - as soon as you see the warning, make sure your buggies are moving (else there is a good chance they will be wiped out by the aurora's).
* Be very careful not to loose your Jarmen. You can use him to snipe infantry (esp. on brutal - wave 3), and to snipe other units and then capture them with infantry (ambush or para drop).
* If you want to take a break, put your units at the top of the map, unless drawing attention, they won't be attacked. Be sure to help your team players out though!
* Don't forget to upgrade your buggy ammo at your black market!!
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Max Players: 4
Author: [RTS]BN+VS*   

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