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Predatore Map Pack 2
This map pack is a set of varied environment areas; from blue zone to red zone. Most of the maps are symmetrical and well balanced. Some of them have accelerated tiberium grow rate, and all of them have expansion areas to harvest green or blue tiberium. There is enough to provide an intense gameplay. All base areas have at least three sides to be attacked, and some spots to deploy reinforcements. All the maps can be played in skirmish, network and online.

Maps Included:
Green Hills (4 Players)
Orbital Station (4 Players)
Sun Desert (4 Players)
Deep Space Platform (8 Players)

Map Name: Green Hills
Max. Players: 4
Description: This map is a blue zone area. There is one tiberium field for each player, and one blue tiberium field to build an expansion base. There is also a big blue tiberium field on the center of the map, that is not easily accessible. There are 4 tiberium spikes and some veterancy crates around the map.

Map Name: Orbital Station
Max. Players: 4
Description: This map is intend to be played 2 vs 2. Each team has 2 green tiberium fields, 1 blue tiberium field (which regenerates fast) and 2 tiberium spikes. There are 2 gun cannons for each team, and some tiberium spikes on the center of the map.

Map Name: Sun Desert
Max. Players: 4
Description: This map is a yellow zone desert. It has intense sunrays. There are five tiberium spikes on the center of the map, which are protected by gun cannons. There are 4 blue tiberium fields to expand your base.

Map Name: Deep Space Platform
Max. Players: 8
Description: This map is a red zone space platform. It has 2 tiberium spikes on each player platform. There is an asteroid on the center which has unlimited tiberium and eight tiberium silos.
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Author: Predatore   

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