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Predatore Map Pack
This map pack is a set of varied environment areas; from blue zone to red zone. Most of the maps are symmetrical and well balanced. Some of them have accelerated tiberium grow rate, and all of them have civilian buildings to capture and expansion areas to harvest green or blue tiberium. There isn't unlimited tiberium, however there is enough to provide an intense game play. All base areas have at least three sides to be attacked, and some spots to deploy reinforcements.

Maps Included:
- Desert Forts (2 players)
- Red Zone Dam (2 players)
- Tournament Patagonia (4 players)
- Tiberium Stadium (4 players)
- Moon Outpost (6 players)
- Dock Arena (8 players)

Map Name: Desert Forts
Max. Players: 2
Description: This map is ambiented on a yellow zone desert. Two forts are located on each side of the map. They are protected with bunkers and gun towers. There are five tiberium spikes, and blue tiberium to harvest out of the forts. The map is symmetrical.

Map Name: Red Zone Dam
Max. Players: 2
Description: This map is ambiented on a red zone area. It is divided by a lake and a river. It has a dam in the center. There are 8 tiberium spikes around the map, and some control points and gun turrets. Each player has its own green tiberium, and there are two places to harvest blue tiberium near the center of the map. There are 3 bridges to cross the river, and there is the dam also. It is indestructible, narrow, and defended by gun towers.

Map Name: Tournament Patagonia
Max. Players: 4
Description: A blue zone, almost vertical symmetrical map. There are mountains on the left, and the ocean on the right. There is a lot of grass, and some farms and a factory. A monorail crosses the map. There are 4 tiberium spikes, and some blue tiberium on the sides of the map. This map is intended to play on teams, locating "Upper Team" vs "Bottom Team".

Map Name: Tiberium Stadium
Max. Players: 4
Description: This map is a stadium. Each player starts with a blue tiberium field, and there is one green tiberium field in the center that regenerates fast. There are 6 tiberium spikes. The map is symmetrical.

Map Name: Moon Outpost
Max. Players: 6
Description: This map is ambiented on a desolated area of the moon. Six outposts are fighting for the tiberium; they are protected by bunkers and have a tiberium spike. Some blue tiberium is spotted at the center, and a missile launch center with an EMP Control Center. Some spaceships have left some veterancy crates around the map. The map is symmetrical, and can be played in teams as well as free for all.

Map Name: Dock Arena
Max. Players: 8
Description: This map is a blue zone port area; it has docks on the edges, and small towns on the center. There are many veterancy crates around the map and some tiberium spikes on combat areas. The map is symmetrical and is intend to play 4 vs 4, or 4 teams of 2 players.
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Author: Predatore   

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