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Tiberian Sun & Red Alert 2 Mission Editor v2.0 - Source Code

This is the C++ source code for the FinalSun and FinalAlert 2 Map Editors, released by Electronic Arts under the GNU General Public License v3 in March 2024 as part of The Ultimate Collection 2024 release on Steam.

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  • Creator and Lead Engineer - Matthias Wagner (Independent Contractor)
  • Additional Engineering - Luke Feenan (Independent Contractor)
  • XCC Library - Olaf van der Spek (Independent Contractor)

Change log:

New features for FinalSun and FinalAlert 2 (Yuri's Revenge)

- Fixed a few code issues to allow the application to run on modern operating systems.
- Updated the application icons with new 256x256 graphics.
- You can now zoom in & out with the middle mouse button or wheel
- You don't need administrator access anymore if the program is installed in the program folder, as all user data and settings are now stored in your AppData folder
- Tunnel tube editing completely reimplemented
  + Tunnel tilesets available
  + You can edit existing tubes by using the tool on the end of an existing tube
  + You can now create curved tubes
  + You can now create unidirectional tubes
- LAT support for Crystal and Swamp terrain in Tiberian Sun temperate maps
- House colors are now read from map or rules.ini
- Units and buildings are now shaded in the house colors correctly
- Voxel units now have shading applied
- Minimap can now be resized
- Undo steps increased to 64
- Map rendering performance improved
- Several fixes for crashes
- Fixed addon turrets display
- SHP turrets and Voxel turrets + barrels have their positioning fixed.
- Maps up to 400x112 (or 112x400) are now allowed.
- Fixed minimap for non-quadratic maps.
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Source: Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection on Steam

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