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Attack on the Shogunate
This is my first Red Alert 3 map! Set in the most impenetrable Empire of the Rising Sun stronghold, the Last Alliance have united to get rid of the Empire's most powerful and last remaining Shogun!

The focus of this map is more on air and naval forces. The Last Alliance (Soviets and/or Allies) start on water and they need to either destroy all Empire forces (all buildings) or destroy the Stronghold's Power Core which is located in the North-West corner of the map! (You will see it pinned on the map)

Empire Shogunate's Objectives:
1. Your goal is to defend your Power Core from The Last Alliance's Forces, don't Let it get destroyed no matter what!
2. For balancing purposes there will be a 30 minute timer from the start of the game (displayed as "Invasion Force Arriving" meaning your invasion force) so you can let the Alliance to prepare. You can also build your own forces although I doubt you'll need it.
3. Even if you do try to invade the Alliance before the 30-minute timer goes down there will be a border preventing you from sending any units in their direction. After the 30-minute timer goes down you can get rid of the pesky Invaders from your homeland!

The Last Alliance's Objectives:
1. Your goal is to either destroy all Empire forces (all buildings) or destroy the Stronghold's Power Core.
2. Beware, once the 30-minute counter expires you will be vulnerable to any attacks from the Shogunate!
3. Your best bet is to build as many forces as you can and invade but at the same time defend against the Empire's forces.

This map was more designed for multiplayer (one player as the Empire Shogunate in the North-West and the others, Allies and/or Soviets whichever one you prefer, in the South-East), but you can also go solo if you want! I hope you enjoy the map!
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