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Vally of Ghosts
I Hope you enjoy this map, (It's my first map)
in early game you have to fortify your half of the map and choose to build in your base and risk your building to be destroyed by the pillars or lose time advantage and build somewhere safe (GLA advantage because they have rebuild holes), in mid game you have to destroy a lot of things to gain space for your base (some structures are very hard to destroy) and slice the cake with your teammates of abandoned buildings and start the evacuation of ghost vehicle (USA advantage because you can eat all stockpiles at the same time)(Nuke Cannons for Nuke China is almost Necessary for this map (to empty the ghost vehicle)(China advantage because nuke cannons can protect the only two entrence)), in end game after gaining space for your airfields and auroras :) you can start pushing with your super tanks and protect them from enemy nuke cannons.
I Really hope you enjoy the map and work for you and sorry because it's not 100% symmetrical

Date submitted: 7/14/2023
Date reviewed : 7/21/2023
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Max Players: 6

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