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GLA Tower Defense V1.1
Map description:
This map is based on Tower Defense type games
Your mission is simple: You need to defend the border and avoid to losing life(s), the map have a final boss

Always read the popup messages, they are important!

The map have:
3 difficulties: Easy (12 lifes), Normal (6 lifes) and Hard(1 life)
5 unit what you can unlock
1 "super"power, if it's necessary

Fixed things:
1. In the previous verion you got extra 3000$ by mistake, when you brought the Terrorists, but now they cost 1000$ and you get -1000$ instead of get +1000$
2. The Boss HP is reduced to 12000 hp instead of 75000 (so now it's possible to beat it)

Bugs what I was unable to fix:
1. Sometimes the units bugging out, like they come really slow in the beginning (use terrorists)
2. When helixes come, a few just going to the right bottom side of the map (instead of left bottom) and they follow the waypoint from that location
3. Because of the first bug, the player was unable to get money to train Quads to avoid the life losing because of the 2. bug (but it's still playable in Easy-Normal difficulty)

Date submitted: 3/10/2023
Date reviewed: 3/12/2023
File Size: 264 KB        File Type: .zip
Author: Juhhzizz   

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