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[Naval v1,4] Full Map Pack
Are you ready to explore a whole other kind of warfare?

This is a Naval Warfare mod for Zero Hour that is contained entirely within the [Naval v1,4] maps included here. To play it, you don't need to install any mods or resources besides the Map Pack!

Naval is centered on its multiplayer gameplay, which is new and exciting. Included in the Pack are 6 Skirmish Maps, 2 Missions, and 1 Test Map (for new commanders to play around with). As well as a Worldbuilder guide pack for anybody who wants to make a Naval mission / map. More info in the ReadMe

All Generals factions have been replaced by the Naval faction, which is complete with its own units, buildings, and support powers.

Enjoy blasting enemy ships, Commodore

Date submitted: 3/9/2023
Date reviewed: 3/10/2023
File Size: 4.9 MB        File Type: .zip
Author: Commander Newgate   

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