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hit and run
this is a hit and run map created by MasterX& edited by Sawyer
This map is a Hit&Run map
it stands for killing as much enemy units as possible while avoiding unit loses
each player starts with a handful of armed gla units, and 1 sniper, 1 worker
the armed units will respawn back upon death in your base, each unit lost will add a record to enemy team balance, for each 200 score the team will receive a level upgrade to the units and a stronger units will spawn into the team base, and the cycle goes on for each 200 kills, in order to win you must eliminate all enemy buildings
the sniper and workers do not respawn upon death so use them carefully, the workers can be used to build bunkers in order to make mines around it, each player starts with a limited cash, so has to be used wisely

Date submitted: 2/17/2023
Date reviewed: 2/17/2023
File Size: 35.5 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 4
Author: MasterX   

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