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Winter Assault v3
P.S. Improved version. Corner (mid) players now have two full supply docks each. Small supply piles of the top and bottom (safe jungle) players are closer, and the empty corners are now have a reinforcement pads. Also added a notification of crate spawning.

I guess some of you already figured out what it was based on... A well-balanced map for a 3vs3 (2vs2) game. A special feature is the appearance of $2500 crates (not stackable) every three minutes in two locations on the central lane, near the oil refineries. The AI works, but I should warn you that the bots have a habit of stealing resources from two players on the corners of the map :ла

Date submitted: 12/11/2022
Date reviewed: 12/27/2022
File Size: 255.7 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 6
Author: Elus   

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