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Train Trouble
A challenging map that takes the hazard of trains to the max! There are 8 active, indestructible trains that travel in circuits around the players' bases and center of the map that destroy
anything and everything in their path! The map is very symmetrical, with each base having an approximately equal building area and number of flanks, 2 supply docks, and nearby oil wells. The center
of the map is divided into four raised areas connected by bridges and contains 4 artillery platforms, 2 repair bays, 2 oil refineries, and several supply piles. Also, 4 reinforcement pads and an
additional 4 supply docks are arranged around the center. There are plenty of buildings that can be garrisoned both in the central area and around the bases.

Date submitted: 4/1/2022
Date reviewed: 4/30/2022
File Size: 87 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 8
Author: Crazy_General_Tao   

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