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Cold Open
Set near a far north Allied research facility, two commanders have simultaniously landed ashore looking to disrupt the Allies' plans and take any newly discovered technology for themselves. Expecting a dull day of work like usual, the scientists on site now find themselves right in the middle of a full-scale assault featuring not one, but two of their mortal enemies.

The focus of this map was put less on ground based warfare and more on air and naval. Each player's part of the island is pretty easily defendable, but as all extra ore nodes are on water you will eventually be forced to embark lest you let your opponent run away with an economic advantage. With its lack of land this map likely favours Empire quite a bit, with allied air-rushers probably enjoying the close proximity of the opposing bases as well.

Oh yeah, one more thing. THE BRIDGES ARE INDESTRUCTABLE. Or more accurately, they can take damage but don't ever collapse. I hope you enjoy the map!
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Max Players: 2
Author: Wichilie   

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