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Midnight Meltdown
We have successfully slip into the Chinese-controlled area somewhere in Tibet during the night. Our scouts report that we hit the jackpot - Chinese General Tao holds his nuclear warheads here, and almost all of his forces have moved out from the region recently. Only few patrol teams have been left for minimal protection of Chinese nuclear weapons.

We have established our base right under their noses. Build up your attack force and capture four Nuclear Bunkers. Then, capture enemy's airfield on the North-Eastern base and escort the trucks, carrying our warheads, there.

If we obtain the nuclear weapons, we will be able to wage more deadly operations against our enemies.
Good Luck, General!"

Mission Objective 1: Capture 4 Chinese Nuclear Bunkers. Capture Chinese Airfield. Destroy all Chinese in the area.
Mission Objective 2: Escort the trucks with nuclear warheads to the captured Helixes to escape.

About the mission:
- Massive map.ini with different gameplay changes (see ReadMe).
- The focus of the mission is to entertain the player with interesting gameplay for 30-50 minutes, rather than defending against massive enemy's attacks or anything hardcore.
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