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Map made by players cetx and StaZzz.
A new unusual mode for generals. The idea is to constantly get closer to the center of the map while the edge of the map is flooded with water. On the bottom right you will see a timer, after which the water level will rise by one level. A siren sound will warn you about this. You can also see from the textures where the water will stop.
- There are "radar houses" on the map that give you a mini-map as well as a glimpse of some parts of the map.
- There are two zones between the players on which after the waves will appear unnamed vehicles.
- Closer to the center of the map are drop zones. Around these you will be able to collect boxes of money. Also they cannot be destroyed or captured.
- In the very center of the map when the wave will close all zones (except the last one - Wave 5) will be given out money in the amount of $100 per second. You must have any unit in the zone of this circle to receive it.
Have a good game.

Date submitted: 10/21/2021
Date reviewed: 11/09/2021
File Size: 147.9 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 6
Author: cetx2   

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