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3 Zones
Single Player Mission for Yuri's Revenge

This is my largest and most complicated Single player mission to date.
It consists of three distinct part's each part opening up more land and objectives as you play though.

Player is America
Mission Objective: Destroy enemy forces

Map starts fairly small, and is intended to play like a skirmish.
Choose one of the three start locations located around the map (marked with arrows, 'Zones' 1,2 &3). Each 'Zone' has different attributes (easier to defend or more ore).
Select by clicking on one of the construction vehicles. The other two are taken by the enemy.

There are 3 enemy's (although you only play against 2 at a time). Each enemy has different attacks some defend whilst others charge in.
There is a built in AI made with triggers, lots of random events and reinforcements all played over 3 different skill levels.
Take care when attacking bases as they may retaliate and call in reinforcements.

Part 2.
The map gets larger and becomes an island hopping navel mission.
Depending on which 'Zone' you choose on the last part drastically changes this part, with each 'Zone' having completely different objectives, enemy buildings and unit are set up differently (has cut scenes and easy to follow). Again lots of random events played over 3 skill levels.

Part 3.
The map extends to it's final size and is intended to be a more linear mission. There are three enemy bases to be destroyed in succession with a clear path from one to the next.
Again depending on the 'Zone' you choose in part 1 completely changes the layout- (see attached Pic)
You chose:
Zone 1 - Yuri is the Arch enemy also controlling a Soviet and Allied base.
Zone 2 – Romanov is the Arch enemy with 2 other Soviet bases.
Zone 3 – Einstein is the real Arch enemy also controlling an Allied and Soviet base.

Each Arch enemy base has there own attacks and random stuff, different reinforcements and sub missions. As you get closer to the Arch enemy the more random reinforcements there are, again all played over 3 skill levels.

Bonus missions
On an island there is a transport hi-lighted with arrows, clicking this starts a bonus mission.
The 'cut scene' explains- players spawns at the arrow and has to travel to a building to complete, avoiding or killing the enemy. If you die you will respawn, you have 3 attempts.
Completing lets you take over enemy base defences for a while.
Each of the 'Zones' has a different version with a different player unit and different enemy units.
So although the goal is the same, gameplay is completely different.

Crate collecting bonus mission.
Towards the end of the mission funds maybe a little tight. On another island there is a crate, collect it and another appears at a random location around the island, also a random enemy appears at a random location on the island.
So collect the crate, kill the enemy. Be advised some random enemy's are harder to kill than others, some are connected to the 'Zone' you chose and some connected to the 3 skill levels.

This all sounds very complicated but flows quite nice, I have spent a lot of time on the in game 'Cut Scenes' to explain things, I have tried to get as much random stuff in as possible and choosing the different 'Zones' to make a high replay value.
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