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AOD Defend The Missile

Small AOD (Art Of Defense) for just 2 players
the map has a main road on the top and they split in the middle going down
each player has a big missile in the end of his road that he must protect
the missile has a limited health and can't withstand too much damage
the dozer build menu is customized and has many buildings from many factors, same for the airfield and the war factory
each player has 3 dozers and he can't build more so you must know how to utilize them and be careful not to lose them

Difficulty level: Hard

Map features

2 players
20-30 min gameplay time
10 mixed waves
3 Sneak Attacks
customized build menu

Map configuration

You will have to add a Hard Army GLA and put it's position in the upper right corner of the map
team numbers and money are forced in the map script no need to choose teams or money amount

Gameplay suggestions

build many Combat Chinooks and fill them with infantry (prefably red guards),
use them to navigate easily in the map and follow the bosses so they don't escape
you can use emergency repair in the general's power menu to repair your rocket if it's damaged

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Date submitted: 5/28/2021
Date reviewed: 6/15/2021
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Max Players: 2
Author: zoldik-dz   

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