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Operation: 'Soaring Eagle'
Following their defeat by the hands of the GLA several years ago, the United States return to Chinese occupied mainland Europe to re-establish their presence across the continent.

Located south of Sweden, the Americans have built a large fortress to serve as a foothold and a staging ground for their campaign, erecting 3 Particle Cannons to help them in the coming storm.

The Chinese, with support from General Tao and Kwai, have sent a large task force to contest and destroy the base before it becomes fully operational.


This map requires the mod 'C&C: Untitled' to be playable.
Download the mod here:

It is recommended that you tone down your graphic settings when playing this map, as this mission can crash at any time without warning.
Remember to save often so you don't lose progress.

Date submitted: 4/24/2021
Date reviewed: 4/30/2021
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Author: Nitrosteel   

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