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General Ironside vs General Kwai
hi guys sry for the wait it is me Orcanos but I created a new account why ? long story XD
so if u wanna message me then send messages to this account or u could join us in the discord server so u can chat with the other cool mappers there it's a cool place right?
about the map:
I spend long time in this trying to fix the mistakes that was in the previous map.
sadly this one hadn't been tested by many dudes because most of them are busy these days.

thx for:
AGX750 and Newgate for the testing and the help with the ini stuff
that's all u need to know I'm no gonna say any thing about the map difficultly so u find out on ur own! hf!

Date submitted: 4/18/2021
Date reviewed: 4/19/2021
File Size: 471.3 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 2
Author: -OAS-   

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