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All Hail Yuri!
All Hail Yuri!

Single Player Yuri's Revenge Mission.

Yuri's plane is shot at over soviet territory, after bailing out you must help him survive by finding 5 supply crate's.
Then help him plot his revenge.

Map features.

Split map- (winter part and a thawed spring part giving the illusion that time passed), each part opens up different parts of the same map (check pic).

Start, end and in-game cut scenes with screen fade in/out and mission prompts.
Night time scene.
A dawn sunrise scene.
Puzzles that can be solved differently.
Lifes system- you start with 5 lives. Be careful, as you mind control important units you become responsible for them and will lose lifes if they die.
Bonus lifes to win.
Check points- so if you die you dont spawn back at the start of the map only from the last check point.
Final epic battle.

Not a mod all done with triggers.
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