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China Warzone (Mission 01)
~China Warzone (Mission 01)
By ComradeRaphael

I want to make new storyline that set after ZH, i planned to make many missions. So here is the Storyline of this mission.

General,The US Are Angry to us because we did not help them, at Hamburg, Germany (CHINA ZH MISSION 5)
Now they are attacking us, they think we don't want to ally with them, We are trying to talk with them, but they dont care, And, General, today at 03.00 GMT, The US Attack us, they transported their troop from their navy, And assaulted our Foothold in Mogadishu, Somalia... Our main base Here (Not the beach) Is assaulted and Taken POW then transferred, Now, you will need to capture and rebuild our base in the beach, use black lotus and her team. Good luck, General!


Watch out, this is a hard mission!


When you capture China Command Center in Beach base, You will get Guarding team Near Bunker in Right of your base, Garrison Tank Hunter quickly from your Guarding team, you need to be fast since the enemy will quick attack

Easter Eggs
There is some GLA Stuff in this map, It can be yours, but, you need to do something before it happens
CLUE : Pray For Blessing
(If you are loser, just open WB and Find it)

Thank you for downloading!
next mission is rescuing the POW that taken by USA

Email :


Newgate : Testing, Giving Ideas & Helping In many things (I cant tell you because it is a lot of help)
Orcanos : Testing and Ideas
Adriane [Deathscythe] : For Misc Help In Submitting in C&C LABS

Good luck, General!

Date submitted: 6/30/2020
Date reviewed: 6/30/2020

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